Inilah wajah-wajah di balik Tickled Media. Kami adalah sebuah tim yang terbentuk dari beberapa orang dengan latar belakang budaya dan pendidikan yang berbeda, namun dengan satu tujuan: menjadi sahabat para ibu di setiap perjalanan mereka.


Roshni Mahtani

Founder & CEO

In addition to running the Asianparent, Asia’s number 1 parenting website, Roshni is also Co-Founder of the Female Founders Network, Board Member of TiE Singapore, and Mentor at JFDI. She’s also an Executive Producer of Untouchable: Children of God, a documentary on child trafficking in India.

Carla Perlas

SVP, Content

16+ years of experience in print and digital media, book publishing, and education. Have 2 daughters.

Melissa Andini

General Manager

Mum to all TAP Team Indonesia. A real life hybrid of Martha Stewart and Snoop Dogg. Aspires to make the world a better place and it starts with being mum's best friend one TAP at a time.


Dr. Fiona Amelia, MPH

Physician - Health Educator - Medical Writer

Medical doctor who work as a medical writer with more than 5 years experience in digital health.

Dr. Gita Permatasari

General Practitioner and Lactation Consultant

Medical doctor who work as a general practitioner, medical check-up examiner and also lactation consultant more than 12 years experience.

Sales Marketing

Jessica Fedora D. Chiang

Regional Business Solution Head

Lead business development for regional deal and for the Indonesian expansion. Not a mom yet but understand all about the space and advise top brands partners on the best ways to connect w parents !

Titi Akmar

Brand Solutions Manager

mom of 2 sons who loves to travel and doing silly things. Want to know more about theAsianparent services, rate card, and talking opportunities to collaborate? You come to the right person!

Astari Nindya Poetri

Sr. Production Manager

"8+ experience in digital industry. Started career as Digital Analyst and currently lead Production Team for Revenue Department. From Digital Campaign, Market Research, Video Production to Event handling, we make magic happens for brands!"

Cahyaningtiyas SN

Junior Project Manager

A mom of 1 son turned into everyday "client-best-friend"

Atikha Faradillah

Junior Project Manager

Psychological-well-being enthusiast. Full time bathroom singer.

Indra Kusuma Nusantara

Digital Perfomance Manager

Pray | Fulltime Daddy | Football | Digital

Fauzi Raisyuli

Lead Design

Pixelartist & Retro-Game enthusiast

Alvina Greatyca (Chika)

Graphic Designer

Future supermom


Graphic Designer

Visual Scientist

Hanif Alhakim

Graphic Designer

I’m a Graphic Designer who illustrate

Adha Orio S

Motion Designer

Full time Designer and Drummer

Harits Keina Rosso

Motion Designer

Geek but not too geek

Content Team

Petty Lubis

Head of Content

17+ years of experience in print and digital media. Mom of 1 son who loves travel and culinary.

Fifa Chazali

Creative Manager

You'll find me between two things: social media and its design

Adisty Titania


Mother earth who loves writing



Editing articles when i have free time, listening dangdut and bollywood when i'm bored.

Aulia Trisna

Senior Content Writer

Write the truth wholeheartedly

Erinintyani Shabrina Ramadhini

App Content Producer

A skeptical species who always curious about anything.

Anisyah Kusumawati

Junior Content Writer

Full time writer. Trapped between art and word.

Fadhila Afifah (Fadhil)

Junior Content Writer

a full time writer who love to read a book, open minded and calm person.

Fadhila Auliya Widiaputri (Dhila)

Junior Content Writer

Mom-to-be who writes in the morning, draws in the night

Nia Lara Sari

Junior Content Writer

Full time opurtunity seeker, half time writer

Finna Prima Handayani

Junior Content Writer

I love cooking. Not only cooking food, but also cooking information

Shafa Nurnafisa

Junior Content Writer

Rookie writer who's always trying to improve her skills. Love to write her own story during midnight. And yes, i'm married to the music

Amanda Tabrani

App Editor & Marketing

If you read something fishy in app, you know who writes it.

Nurul Fitria Pradina (Pipit)

Social Media Manager

Mom to be, spend most of the time to scroll social media

Hessa M

Social Media Officer

Turning my "can'ts" into can, one at a time.

Bayu Hendradharmawan

Graphic Designer

Graphic designer for social media content & a pop culture junkie

Patrick Dewangga

Graphic Designer

lovely graphic designer and huggable future husband :3

Satria Wilis

Video Producer

Commercial Video Director who worked as Content Video Producer


Sofie Sharon


introverted extrovert. sophrosyne. animal lover. 3 in 1 jobdesk: Finance, HR, ops in one person. Multimultimultitask person